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Touristic Quality

The Institute for Quality within the Spanish Hotel Trade (ICTE) is an organization created by the Spanish Hotelier Federation, under the sponsorship of the state secretary of commerce and tourism.
Their function is to impel the improvement of the hotels in Spain, in the installations, standards of service and management in quality.
This function is carried out through a rule that the hotels have to put into effect, a company of auditors auditors that examen the grade of fulfilment of this rule and a certification company that grant a distinction to those hotels that pass the auditorship.
At the moment, there are more than 600 hotels in the whole of Spain that are following this plan of ICTE, and about 200 hotels have already obtained the quality certificate.


Environmental Policy

The Bonsol hotel expresses the desire and assumes the commitment towards its clients, its collaborators and towards the society in general to develop its activities improving continuously the respect for the environment, taking this ecological attitude beyond the requirements of the effective environmental legislation, implementing the opportune preventive measures and contributing in this way to the sustainable development of its environment.
To this end it will act on the basis of the following environmental principles:
Taking necessary proceedings of conduct, control and correction to know, prevent and reduce progressively the impact of the company activities on the environment.
In agreement with the continuous improvement principle, to go beyond the strict fulfilment of the effective environmental legislation.
To promote the formation and the environmental investigation of those people implied in the management and operation of the Bonsol hotel facilities connecting suitable programs so that the respect for the environment could be an essential element in the development of the company activities.
To apply as far as possible, the technical improvements available to diminish the polluting emissions and spills, to assure the correct management of waste, to reduce the consumption of energy, water, materials and dangerous substances.
To favour the internal and external environmental communication with clarity criteria, to inform the clients of the taken proceedings for the environmental protection and how they can collaborate.
To inform the suppliers and subcontractors about environmental criteria required by the Bonsol hotel, and to incorporate environmental criteria in consumed products.
To communicate the policy to those who work in the name of the Hotel BonSol.
To measure, review and correct the fulfilment of the environmental principles of the company in order to prevent accidents susceptible to affect the environment and thus, to assure the environmental protection like improvement tool and strategic development factor.
To collaborate with the public authorities in the establishment of urgency procedures in case of accidents that could affect the environment.
The Bonsol hotel direction is committed periodically to review this policy for its update.

The Direction

 Environmental statement [PDF]