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The Institute for Quality within the Spanish Hotel Trade (ICTE) is an organization created by the Spanish Hotelier Federation, under the sponsorship of the state secretary of commerce and tourism.
Their function is to impel the improvement of the hotels in Spain, in the installations, standards of service and management in quality.
This function is carried out through a rule that the hotels have to put into effect, a company of auditors auditors that examen the grade of fulfilment of this rule and a certification company that grant a distinction to those hotels that pass the auditorship.
At the moment, there are more than 600 hotels in the whole of Spain that are following this plan of ICTE, and about 200 hotels have already obtained the quality certificate.



In a fiercely competitive environment should the company s n get the market share necessary to be profitable and produce profits. This can only be achieved with a significant customer loyalty that at the same time are responsible for getting new customers, recommending our establishment.

In order for the client to want to return to our establishment, he must perceive a level of “excellence” that is hardly surpassable by the competition.

All the members of the organization should feel involved and responsible in the achievement of the objectives and commit themselves to provide the maximum effort.

To this end, a good employment policy in the company is important, protecting each and every one of our employees, avoiding injustices, complying with all the legal norms, and helping them feel happy in their jobs, as well as facilitating the reconciliation of work with your family.

All this is achieved through a direct and personal deal with all workers, trying to know their problems and try to help them solve them.

Special mention of child protection, assuming the commitment of the organization, through its director, to safeguard the rights of minors, and denounce all actions detected in the environment and in the organization itself, that may jeopardize the child’s welfare.

Being a family business, we must give great importance to the personal treatment of the client . This already helps us to be differentiated from a large part of our competitors. We must make the most of this advantage and make the customer feel that he is the king for us.

All the wishes of the client must be taken care of with the utmost diligence . Do not let the client never perceive that any desire of his can be a difficult problem to solve.

In order to obtain the desired quality levels, it will be essential to have an accurate system of procedure manuals and to control it, a reliable and measurable system of quality indicators.

The possible failures should be treated with the utmost diligence and they will inform the heads of departments, to act accordingly. Faults must be used to win customers. These give much importance to the correct treatment of errors.

In such a globalized world, we see a great importance in the commitment to safeguard our local environment, promoting local activities and businesses, and collaborating with our closest society, through aid, donations and collaborations.

Goals general

Get an evaluation of your stay as ‘excellent’ by all customers
Get an error detection as soon as possible (avoid by all means that a complaint is detected after the departure of the client)
Increase staff training every day. This should be eminently practical and enjoyable, so as not to bore you.
Take advantage of our team’s ideas and customer observations.
Improve the database of our clients, in which the preferences of the client are registered and the possible problems that may have been.
Promote the labor integration of people with difficulties.
Protect the child in all areas
Promote the personal and work development of the workers
Encourage total interdepartmental communication
Promote the purchase of local food products to promote our economy , as well as promote business in the area (bars, restaurants, shops …)
Collaborate with local entities and organizations that promote social actions and protect the environment.



The company ratifies the following action policy in Occupational Risk Prevention, which will be applicable to all its employees and facilities.

The life, physical integrity and health of the workers are rights whose protection has to be a constant of the daily activity for all the personnel of the company, and especially for those who at one or the other level or position of work exercise command functions.

Because we consider that people constitute the most important asset of our company, the main objective is the establishment of a preventive policy that goes towards a model of scientific prevention, integral, integrated and participatory.Based on the principle that all accidents, incidents and occupational diseases can and should be avoided, the company is committed to achieving a high level of safety and health at work, not only limited to comply with current legislation on the subject, but carrying out actions that raise the degree of protection of workers marked by the law if necessary.

The line of command will assume and strengthen the integration of safety in all activities, establishing as a basic principle that the best quality is achieved with the greatest safety.  For this purpose, periodic controls of working conditions will be carried out, eliminating all the possible risks and evaluating and controlling those that could not be avoided.  Likewise, a system will be established to guarantee the periodic monitoring of the health of the workers according to the risks inherent to their jobs.

In order to promote safe behavior in the activities carried out, workers will be provided with all the existing information on the risks inherent to their work and the correlative preventive measures, as well as the necessary training for that purpose.

Likewise, the participation of all workers in matters related to the prevention of occupational hazards will be promoted, since they are the ones who know in more detail the details of the tasks they perform, and therefore are the most indicated to contribute ideas on the safest way to carry them out.

In order to achieve all these objectives, the necessary resources will be allocated and the use of them will be planned in an appropriate manner.



The Bonsol hotel expresses the desire and assumes the commitment towards its clients, its collaborators and towards the society in general to develop its activities improving continuously the respect for the environment, taking this ecological attitude beyond the requirements of the effective environmental legislation, implementing the opportune preventive measures and contributing in this way to the sustainable development of its environment.

To this end it will act on the basis of the following environmental principles:
Taking necessary proceedings of conduct, control and correction to know, prevent and reduce progressively the impact of the company activities on the environment.

In agreement with the continuous improvement principle, to go beyond the strict fulfilment of the effective environmental legislation.

To promote the formation and the environmental investigation of those people implied in the management and operation of the Bonsol hotel facilities connecting suitable programs so that the respect for the environment could be an essential element in the development of the company activities.

To apply as far as possible, the technical improvements available to diminish the polluting emissions and spills, to assure the correct management of waste, to reduce the consumption of energy, water, materials and dangerous substances.

To favour the internal and external environmental communication with clarity criteria, to inform the clients of the taken proceedings for the environmental protection and how they can collaborate.

To inform the suppliers and subcontractors about environmental criteria required by the Bonsol hotel, and to incorporate environmental criteria in consumed products.

To communicate the policy to those who work in the name of the Hotel BonSol.

To measure, review and correct the fulfilment of the environmental principles of the company in order to prevent accidents susceptible to affect the environment and thus, to assure the environmental protection like improvement tool and strategic development factor.

To collaborate with the public authorities in the establishment of urgency procedures in case of accidents that could affect the environment.
The Bonsol hotel direction is committed periodically to review this policy for its update.

The Direction

 Environmental statement [PDF]