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Covid 19


Rest assured that we have spent the last few months equipping the Hotel and preparing the Team so that everyone understands the importance of keeping us all safe; not just safe, but working within the new regime so that we can still offer you the quality of service, love, care and attention you have come to expect. Hotel Bon Sol has always been a safe and hygienic environment, but with enhanced measures in place we will have done everything possible to ensure that you have a safe and relaxing visit.

To this end we have undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment and implemented a COVID–19 Policy, full details of the new safety procedures and what you can expect on your next visit to Hotel Bon Sol are set out below. As things progress, this policy will be continually updated

We have undertaken a comprehensive Covid–19 Risk Assessment which includes intensive training for the Bon Sol Team.

Health declaration forms will be completed by all guests, staff and visitors to the Hotel.

During this period, Guests will be required to park their own vehicles.

When using the lift, if there are other people waiting aside from your family, please respect social distancing and wait for the next lift. Alternatively take the stairs wherever possible.

The air inside our establishment is equipped with a system of filtering, renewal and supply of outside air, guaranteeing clean and healthy air at all times. We use CO2 meters for its control

It Is obligatory for staff and guests to wear face masks when moving around the Hotel. These may only be removed on the beach, at the pool, whilst sunbathing or swimming, drinking or eating. If you leave your seat to visit a different location within the hotel, masks must be worn. Masks will be provided by the Hotel.

Protective screens have been installed in certain areas of the Hotel.

Bedrooms are deep cleaned and sanitised ready for your arrival with particular attention to ‘touch point’ hotspots and all surfaces.

To keep guests and staff safe, we will not enter bedrooms to service them until you vacate them for the day, or in the event of room service.

The Mini bar will only be stocked and billed upon request.

Our dedicated team have been trained and equipped – they are prepared and happy to go the extra mile to keep the Hotel sanitised and safe.

Hand sanitisation stations are provided around the Hotel for guests and staff to use.

Room keys are sanitised before and after use.

Loose items that cannot be cleaned have been removed. If you wish to read something from the Library, all the books have been sanitised. After reading, please return to Reception in order that they may be sanitised again.

Our on site laundry wash programmes meet industry standards for thermal disinfection.

Newspapers: We will be offering Newspapers online. However, if you wish to order a traditional copy, please notify Reception on day in advance.

All swimming pools and sports facilities at the Hotel will be open, with the exception of the Turkish bath, which has to remain closed at this time.

The Gym will run with on a pre-book basis via Reception.

Two saunas and one Jacuzzi will be open in the Spa.

The Yoga class will be reduced to one per day, but this is subject to change as numbers demand.

The spa facilities will be open and treatments offered on a pre-book basis either directly with the Spa or with Reception.

We are unable to offer facials at this time; however, luxurious hand, feet and body treatments are available.

Therapists will be provided with the correct PPE to undertake treatments safely.

Therapists and guests will be required to sanitise their hands before and after a treatment.

As normal, Spa facilities will be deep cleaned before and after each guest,sanitised regularly throughout the day and overnight.

Bon Sol breakfast buffet will be open in both the Winter Garden and Beach restaurants. This will be waiter assisted service.

Lunch at the beach restaurant will also be waiter assisted.

Dinner will be served in Las Antorchas and at the beach restaurant with our normal A la Carte service.

Both bars will be open, but social distancing must be observed.

If you or anyone in your party are feeling unwell or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, it is imperative that you inform our Reception team immediately, stay in your room and we will call a Doctor for you.

Wash hands thoroughly and regularly for at least 20 seconds throughout your visit, and regularly sanitise your hands.

Maintain social distancing of 1.5M and following guidance around the Hotel.

Remember, when moving around the Hotel, wearing a mask is obligatory. Also, when you leave the Hotel, it is law that you wear your mask at all times. This includes taking public transport and moving around the streets.

When you re-enter the Hotel, please remember to sanitise your hands and freshen yourself up upon arrival.

We are looking forward to filling the Hotel with love and laughter again and helping you to make some long-lasting memories to cherish forever. When you feel ready to venture out again, we will be here to welcome you and your loved ones.

We would like to inform you as well, that should you need a PCR test to return back home after your holidays with us, in order to simplify the process for you, we will be offering the service at the hotel.  Moreover, if you have booked your visit directly with us and for longer than 7 days, the PCR test will be free of charge (please check conditions with our reception team).