Estate, un’estate fa e la chiamano estate…

Let’s start with the title, or rather the titles, as the title of this article is inspired by three iconic Italian songs.

The first one is ‘Estate’, a must-have from 1960. Many have given voice to this beautiful song written by Bruno Martino, and among the numerous versions reproduced, the most famous is probably João Gilberto’s interpretation, other versions have been recorded by many other famous singer-songwriters such as Claude Nougaro, Shirley Horn, Jon Hendricks, Toots Thielemans, Chet Baker with his trumpet, without forgetting the instrumental editions rearranged live by Michel Petrucciani.

Let’s move on to the second song, ‘Un’estate fa’, which is actually ‘Une belle histoire’, the title of the original version of the song performed and written in 1972 by Michel Fugain and Pierre Delanoë. In the same year, the song was launched in the Italian market with Franco Califano’s version, although the real success came a few years later when it was sung by the divine Mina.

Last but not least, ‘È la chiamano estate’ written by Franco Califano and Laura Zanin, which, although it did not achieve the success it deserved, is still a beautiful song.

But what do all these songs have in common?

The nostalgia that comes from remembering summer days that are long gone.

All three are melancholic but not sad songs, describing the moods during the seasons away from the SUN and the sea, with lyrics such as ‘Odio l’estate che ha dato il suo profumo ad ogni fiore’ (I hate the summer that has given its scent to every flower) from the song ‘Estate’ or ‘Il profumo del mare non lo sento, non c’è piu‘’ (The fragrance of the sea I don’t feel it, it’s gone) from the song ‘E la chiamano estate’, or ‘non c’eri che tu ma l’estate somiglia a un gioco è stupenda ma dura poco’ (There was only you but summer looks like a game it’s wonderful but it lasts a short time) from ‘Un’estate fa’.


You may be wondering what all this has to do with BonSoul?


It is unquestionable, that a song can be associated with a holiday, in some cases it can even act as a soundtrack. Similarly, an object acquired during a holiday can have the same evocative power of a memory as a song, and seeing it and/or wearing it can trigger happy memories of wonderful times gone by, having an immensely positive effect on our mood.

Purchasing a BonSoul product will certainly not be able to fill the emptiness left by the cold winter, it will not be able to soothe the distance of a summer love, nor transport us to wonderful sunny days, but it will certainly be able to warm our hearts momentarily and reactivate the extraordinary sensations of a beautiful summer day in our little corner of paradise in Mallorca.