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Bonsol's Events

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Saint Valentine’s (February)

Join us for a romantic gala dinner, full of old style glamour, delicious food, wine and all things lovely and magical. Whether with your loved one or not, be sure you will be greatly pampered and loved at the BonSol’s Saint Valentine’s anual event.

Carnival (February)

The Masquerade Venetian Carnival Gala dinner at the BonSol packs the hotel with colourful masks, sights, sounds, delicious food and wines. Join us for this annual appointment that is a delight!

Spring Gala (April)

Inspired by the famous Feria de Abril, as said by the Andalusians, where this event originates from,“The world’s most colourful party” (2021). Come and join us for a fabulous event full of light, colour, fabulous tapas, red wine, flamenco and a lot of joy and southern sensuality. OLE!

Welcoming summer solstice party (June)

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the shortest night, and a tipping point: from here on out the days get shorter and the nights get longer… an excellent reason to “summerbrate”! This year…get into the peace loving vibe of the BonSol tribe and celebrate the Flower Power Summer Solstice with us! You are invited to wear your cool hippy love beads and far out Sixties style.

Halloween (October)

The Halloween gala dinner at the BonSol is the best excuse to put on your best costume and have a terrifically wonderful time… where excellent food, wine, laughter and one or two scares are assured!