Reopening Message

Dear BonSol guests and friends,

After these terribly hard times of seclusion, isolation, loss, fright, insecurity and loneliness, the Bonsol is finally getting ready to safely re-open its doors to welcome you.  You who bring life to the Hotel.

Here in Mallorca, things are looking pretty bright at the moment and the virus seems to be under control;  life is slowly getting back to normal….. Restaurants, bars, terraces are regaining life, the beaches are living again, even some hotels are already open!  All this fills us with hope, enhanced by the daily news of the virus hitting lighter and less people by the day.

This hope has given us the will and the strength to dress the hotel in a new attire, for the moment for you to be as safe as humanly possible…. And we are expecting you back in your Mallorcan home away from home as of the 21nd August 2020.  Our hearts burst with joy just at the thought of seeing you enter our doors once again.

We hope this message finds you all safe and sound.  Here at the Bonsol, the team and the Xamena family can’t wait to welcome you back and leave all that happened in the past, though never forgetting the lessons learned and keeping very present how careful we must all be.

For information and bookings you may contact us directly.

Lots of love from sunny Mallorca to you all.

The Xamena family and the Bonsol team.