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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Zero CO2 emissions

Following the foot-steps of our founder Antonio Xamena, the Hotel BonSol has been and is until the date very much concerned about the environment and the impact us humans, if not careful, have on it.

The BonSol has been eco-friendly since way before it became a trend. Having had solar panels at the top level of the hotel for over 50 years, finding all sorts of ways to optimise resources like heating the warm swimming pool of the hotel with the heat produced by the kitchen fridges, creating holes in terraces to let a tree through instead of getting rid of it, maintaining around 8000m2 of garden that requires a lot of care so we can enjoy a shady air-cleaning, oxygen producing microclimate, use the water of the showers after properly filtered as water for the WC’s… just to name a few of our initiatives to have the smallest negative impact on nature as possible.

Nevertheless, and due to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and the increasing concern regarding climate change, Martin Xamena, General Manager and present owner of the hotel, together with his son Alejandro Xamena, manager at the BonSol, felt the Bon-Sol wasn’t doing enough, and embarked on an important project in 2005, acquiring 250 hectares (625 acres) of land in Costa Rica, where with the help of a specialized engineer, 220’000 teak trees where planted to consume not only the CO2 the BonSol produces a year, but as well the CO2 produced by the planes flying our guests to Mallorca and back home. Moreover, many species of the local grown trees where planted as well to further strengthen Costa Rica’s ecosystem.

The hotel is compromised in recycling, water optimisation, and in honour of the devotion and respect Antonio Xamena had for nature, continues to study ways on how to make the hotel more efficient in order to have a less and less negative impact on the environment.


We have two fast charging points for electric vehicles, in order to promote their use and reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere. Charging points subsidised by the Moves III Plan