A few days ago I read in the ‘corriere della sera’ an interview with Maria Franca Fissolo, widow of Michele Ferrero, the inventor of Nutella and so many other delicacies that have delighted our palates. In this beautiful recollection of his life with one of Italy’s greatest and most extraordinary industrialists, I was struck by the story of how the name Nutella came about: “We were in Frankfurt, he thought for two hours and said: NUTELLA. I looked at him like look at a madman. He, as if he had a vision: it is the name of the product that will rule the world.’

This beautiful story reminded me of the moment in which the name Bonsoul came to life and above all the explanation that took shape in the words of my wife Natalia Xamena, creator of the brand with Mónica Matanza: “a design line made in Mallorca, which It ranges from jewelry, to crafts, through books and perfumes, in short, everything that gives us back the essence of the island and above all that transports the soul of Bonsol to whoever wears it” these two words “Bonsol” and “soul” They resonated as if by magic in our ears and with the courageous look of someone who has the creative spark, he said, with his eyes wide open: BONSOUL. We are absolutely aware that we are light years away from the revolutionary concept that forever changed the idea of chocolate and snacks in the world, but I am sure that Knight Michele Ferrero’s emotion when pronouncing the word Nutella for the first time was the same as my wife’s when saying BONSOUL out loud. Follow us in this little island story of design, persistence and craftsmanship, let the journey begin.