Twenty years and one day, that is the time I have spent entering and leaving the different production centers of Italian public television. I was 28 when I joined and 48 when I left for the last time the largest cultural company in Italy: RAI.

As happens in many families and normally also in life, women are always right and at home they also have the last word, so my wife decided that those twenty years and one day of television journalism experience should not be archived, but rather directed towards other forms. of communication, a door closes and a window opens and if the sun and the sea predominate in this new landscape, perhaps I am on the right path.

For a person outside of social networks, belonging by right to Generation in an Apple store blindfolded.

With that said, I welcome you to BonSoul’s weekly column! A way to give voice to the history of the Hotel Bonsol Resort & Spa and its soul, through design objects that transport us to summer days in the sun of Mallorca, which activate positive memories and nostalgia for happy days. So for lovers of vintage and non-vintage, this space will be a suspended place, where you can find the essence of those things that flow slowly, a microcosm of art and crafts.

The objects available in this space have a life, an inner narrative, carriers of an active memory, evoking the sun, the sea, with its colors and its perfumes, combined with the memory of a summer that one would never want to end. . This is “The BonSoul” the essence of many things that are told and materialized through the soul of a hotel and its legacy.

And I, Federico Giannini, journalist and passionate about Mallorca and its sun, tell you: WELCOME to my column! In it I will write about everything that for me contains and transmits attributes of the BonSol motto: Sun for the body, Peace to the spirit and Heat in the heart…

Como ocurre en muchas familias y normalmente también en la vida, las